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Why spousal support may be worth fighting for

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Spousal Support |

Alimony used to be commonly awarded to the wife in a Georgia divorce. But in recent years, that trend has changed. Now, it’s called spousal support instead of alimony, and either spouse may be the recipient of these payments. But it is far likelier that neither will be awarded spousal support in the divorce.

Yet, this sometimes is worth seeking in your divorce. Even when spousal support is of limited duration, it provides a post-divorce cushion that can be quite helpful when getting back onto your feet and re-entering the workforce.

For instance, spousal support can be vital while you return to school to get a degree that makes you a viable competitor when seeking a job after your divorce. It can cover the cost of your tuition, books and other school-related expenses. It can also help pay your bills until you are able to earn a salary that can adequately meet your needs.

That’s why we often encourage our clients to seek interim or short-term spousal support during the pendency of their divorce proceedings and even beyond. These payments can often be arranged during negotiations, or they can be awarded by the court.

It’s important to understand that spousal support payments can be made in addition to child support payments. Also, the recipient spouse does not have to be a parent at all to receive spousal support, as the payments are related to the marriage and not to any children from it.

Would your post-divorce life be easier if your received spousal support? Find out how we can help you get the assistance you need and deserve.

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