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Alimony can help you achieve equality in a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Spousal Support |

The prospect of a divorce can be very scary. This is especially the case the longer the two of you have been married and the more intertwined your lives are. Fortunately, alimony can help you equalize the playing field a bit.

It’s not uncommon for a wife who has taken a leave of absence from the workforce to raise her kids to find herself facing a divorce. It can be stressful for her husband to get up every morning to go out and earn a paycheck to support his family. He may not realize how much work goes into keeping up the home, taking care of the kids and preparing meals. He may become resentful of her.

Couples like the one described above often find themselves embroiled in conflict as they look to divorce. The wife is often worried about where she’s going to live and cover her expenses, especially since she hasn’t been in the workforce for so many years. Fortunately, Georgia and many other states have guidelines that they follow when awarding alimony. Some spouses may qualify for bridge-the-gap, or temporary, support. Others may qualify for something more permanent, especially the longer the marriage was.

Another fear that the wife described in the earlier scenario is bound to have as she faces a divorce here in Atlanta is about what’s going to happen with the kids.

Georgia family law judges are required to take into account what’s in the best interest of the kids when making decisions about custody and visitation. The court must ultimately sign off on any agreements that divorcing couples reach between themselves.

In many cases, such as the one outlined above, the mother will receive physical custody of the child and will be ordered to share joint legal custody with the other parent. Different factors can affect what happens after that. Georgia judges will generally use the state formula to determine what type of child support to award in such cases.

Divorce can be hard on everyone. It can be difficult for you to weigh different choices and make a decision that is in your family’s best interest when you’re feeling stressed. A spousal support attorney can serve as your advocate and help you negotiate with your ex when you’re not in an emotional place to be able to do that yourself.

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