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Should you seek alimony in your Georgia divorce?

While alimony paid by the husband to the wife was once almost automatically included in every divorce, this is no longer the case here in Georgia as well as elsewhere in the United States. Family law courts are increasingly not awarding alimony to be paid to ex-wives. In some cases, the wives may even have to pay spousal support to their ex-husbands.

The importance of using spousal support wisely

When it comes to alimony, our attorneys typically see recipients in Georgia approach these funds in one or two main ways. The first way involves holding on to that money as if it were a lifeline. They are terrified of using spousal support in case they need it for something major down the line. The second way involves spending the funds for outrageous purchases as if recipients just received a significant inheritance from a relative.

Addressing spousal support in a prenuptial agreement

More and more couples in Georgia have come to realize the value a well-drafted prenuptial agreement brings to a marriage. Such an agreement can take away a great deal of the conflict couples experience over the marriage's finances. In turn, less conflict means a happier, healthier relationship overall.

Refusing to pay spousal support in Georgia can get you in trouble

When a family law court tells you that you must pay spousal support or alimony to your spouse, you must understand that it is not a request. It is a court order, and therefore, requires your full compliance. Regardless of your reasons, failure to make alimony payments will subject you to consequences as the court sees fit.

Spousal support decisions benefit from careful consideration

Regardless of whether you expect to pay or to receive spousal support in your divorce agreement, it is wise to think carefully on this topic. In divorces involving high-assets, it is especially important to give these financial issues careful consideration. While no one wants unfair treatment, you can make the best case for yourself by learning about the alimony laws in your state.

Don't rule out spousal support just because you are a man

Things have changed a lot since our grandparents and great-grandparents were young married couples. More women choose to continue on the career path while more men are taking on home-related duties. What works for some Atlanta families may not work for others, making our country more diverse than ever in terms of domestic relationships.

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