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Keep mood positive even if divorce clouds the holiday season

Being in a divorce, or facing an impending one, are challenging situations during the holiday season. Memories can fill the air, and changes in lifestyle can be even more stressful during this extra-sensitive time of the year. Georgia residents and others in a divorce mode can take some comfort from the suggestions below.

Court order can help someone receive alimony in Georgia

A person who is tired of dealing with a spouse may long for the days following their divorce, when he or she is seemingly free from having to be bothered with the other person. However, an ex-spouse can easily steal a person's joy by withholding payments in the areas of alimony or child support in Georgia. Not receiving these court-ordered payments can be vexing, causing a person to feel unsettled even after the ink has long dried on the divorce papers. However, getting an ex-spouse to finally make these payments is possible with further help from a judge.

Will Georgia residents continue to receive alimony?

In today's society where women are becoming breadwinners almost as often as men, alimony still continues to be a hot topic. Gone are the days when women were automatically entitled to alimony in order to maintain the lifestyle they were accustomed to during a marriage. A recent article that gives a more in-depth look into the changing of alimony laws could be of interest to Georgia residents who find themselves facing the issue.

Georgia men: alimony is not just for women

Women have gained more rights over the years and taken on more of an equal role. In some households, women are now considered the breadwinners of the family. As a result, some are now paying alimony to their ex-husbands. Georgia residents in this situation may take a special interest in a recent article that discussed this topic.

Georgia residents paying alimony may need to keep records

Alimony is a topic that many individuals don't fully understand and it can also be very controversial. While many states are fighting to stop permanent alimony, those that are currently paying it may still have questions. A recent question brought to the attention of many might interest Georgia residents.

Georgia man questions alimony amount

Georgia divorces that have been ordered to pay alimony sometimes feel as if the amount they have been ordered to pay is unfair. One recent article focused on some of the issues that could arise if an individual decides to take a lower-paying job than they held when alimony was awarded. The particular situation discussed involved a man that has been ordered to pay alimony and works on commission.

Is permanent alimony realistic in a Georgia divorce?

Georgia residents facing a divorce may be interested in one of the hot topics right now, alimony. This has turned into a controversial subject with people arguing if alimony should be allowed for a lifetime or if there should be a limit or cap put on it. A recently published article touched on when permanent alimony is appropriate.

Georgia residents facing divorce may notice changes in alimony

Georgia residents going through a divorce may be facing the possibility of either paying or receiving alimony. Recent debates have suggested that alimony may soon be a thing of the past. People that are faced with the challenge of alimony may take interest in an article that was published recently.

More Georgia men may ask for alimony

Alimony is a hot button issue in many Georgia divorce cases. Who is entitled to what can cause great stress and tension between separating couples. However, the majority of divorce proceedings end with women being awarded alimony payments from their husbands. It is not necessarily because an ex-wife presented a better case, but simply because many men do not ask for alimony payments.

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